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Subverting the industry, Daikin polymer aluminum chloride drum scraper dryer

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Established in 1924, Japan's Daikin Industries Co., Ltd. is a multinational company active in various fields such as air conditioning, fluorine chemistry, electronics, and hydraulic machinery.

In 2003, China was officially put into production as Daikin's fourth global fluorochemical production base-Daikin Fluorochemical (China) Co., Ltd. Mitsui & Co., Ltd. and Mitsui & Co. (China) Co., Ltd. jointly invested and established. Daikin Fluorochemical (China) is mainly engaged in the production and processing of fluorochemical products, sales of self-produced products, and after-sales service and technical services.

Those who have a little understanding of the characteristics of major manufacturing powers must know that Japanese quality has been repeatedly praised in the world. The important reason is that Japanese companies have extremely strict supply chain management models. It is also based on such quality control that Japanese companies often have a strong identification with their own supplier companies. Cooperation often lasts for several years, and our company also relies on years of in-depth cooperation with Mitsubishi and other companies. Under Daikin's long-term assessment of fluorination (a total of 9 major items and 44 minor items), experience has smoothly entered its supply chain.

The early polyaluminum chlorides were spray-dried, but the high capital cost, wide area, and poor energy efficiency have always troubled major manufacturers. Our company broke the traditional drying this time and designed it for the Japanese Daikin non-standard design. With this set of drum drying system, all kinds of disadvantages are solved.

Based on the traditional physical properties of polyaluminum chloride, it has the properties of adsorption, coacervation, precipitation, etc., its stability is poor, and it is corrosive. If it is accidentally splashed on the skin, it should be washed away immediately with water. Our company uses special materials for the material of the roller to solve the problems of corrosion.

The color of polyaluminum chloride is generally white, yellow, and tan. Polyaluminum chloride of different colors also has large differences in application and production technology. Polyaluminum chlorides with alumina content of 27% to 30% within the national standard range are mostly earthy yellow to yellowish or light yellow solid powder. White polyaluminum chloride is known as high-purity iron-free white polyaluminum chloride, or food-grade white polyaluminum chloride, which is the highest quality product compared to other polyaluminum chlorides. The dried product of our company is white, which has been highly recognized by Daikin headquarters in Japan.

(Daikin Fluorochemical Site Installation Drawing)

(Daikin Fluorochemical Site Installation Drawing)

(Daikin Fluorochemical Site Installation Drawing)

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