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Quit the old 2019 and look forward to 2020

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An enterprise is a big collective and big family. In 2019, every employee of our company has contributed to this big family in their different positions and made great achievements. In the past year, as the company's high-speed development stage, we faced numerous difficulties, fierce competition in the external market, and the digestion of internal production orders and the pressure of after-sales service, all caused us a difficult situation. But in the face of difficulties, all of us can hold tightly together. Adhering to our own ideals and beliefs, we have used our strong perseverance and a work style that is not afraid of suffering and dissatisfaction to complete the impossible task over and over again. Achieve brilliant achievements time and time again, a successful end to the 10's!

At the end of last year, our target for sales exceeded 25%. It is also everyone's efforts. We have not disappointed this expectation, and the amount of contracts in force this year has increased by 31%. At the same time, foreign trade orders have also opened up new markets. We once again sold spray dryers to the harsh United States, we sold vibrating fluidized beds to beautiful Italy, and we also sold drum dryers to romantic France. The tumble dryer also successfully obtained the German TUV certification, including the EU PED pressure vessel certificate. In other words, there is no resistance in exporting our pressure equipment to Europe and the United States, and Kinder Drying is the only company in our industry that has passed this certification!

In 2020, the beginning of a new era and the beginning of the next decade, we will start a new journey in the next new year. During this journey, we are supporting each other, and I believe that the future of Jianda is bright and strong. Let each one of us perform his official duties in different positions and show his talents and ideals! Let us work hard with a high degree of enthusiasm for work, a positive working attitude, and constantly improve our business level and quality!

Finally, I wish all employees a happy New Year! Healthy body! Happy family!
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