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Jianda Boiling Dryer sent to Chicago, USA

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Our boiling dryer ordered by a large foreign raw material manufacturer has completed the production and is now entering the next stage and sent to Chicago, USA.

The division is a professional raw material supplier for the nutrition, pharmaceutical and food and beverage industries. It specializes in the production and sales of collagen, gelatin, vegetable protein, organic fibers, organic erythritol, natural xylitol and other polyols, fortified sweeteners, and nutritional supplement ingredients. The division has multiple distribution points and key manufacturing links around the world, with products covering the world.

The equipment is composed of a drying host, a conveying device, a transmission system, a hot air system, a control system, etc. Each batch can process 300kg of materials, and the final material moisture can be guaranteed below 0.5%. The bottom of the material container of the equipment adopts a mat-type air distribution plate, which greatly improves the air distribution and promotes the sufficient and orderly fluidization of the material; thereby greatly expanding the parameter band for effective operation of the equipment and improving the equipment's adaptability to the variety of materials. And the inclination angle of the fluidized bed is more than 90 degrees, which is convenient for discharging.

The principle of the drying host is that the air enters the granulation chamber from the airflow distribution plate after filtering and heating, so that the powder in it is suspended to form a fluidized state due to the combined action of the airflow and its own gravity. Compressed air and adhesive enter the nozzle from their respective pipes. The adhesive is atomized into fine droplets at the nozzle and sprayed on the fluidized powder to make them aggregate and form particles. During this process, the left and right exhaust valves and air cylinders alternately operate periodically to clean up the powder adsorbed on the collection bag and return it to the granulation chamber to complete the mixing, granulating, and drying operations.

The boiling dryer produced by our company has a high degree of automation as a whole, and the materials are dynamically dried to avoid local overheating and ensure that the materials are evenly dried. The great heat utilization rate leads to low energy consumption of the equipment and reduces the production cost of the enterprise.

In terms of product manufacturing, our drying equipment has obtained CE certification from Lloyd's in the United Kingdom, ASME in the United States, and CE certification in the European Union. Success and customer recognition.

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