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Potassium sulfate disc dryer delivered on site and put into use

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Recently, many of our tray drying equipment purchased by a large agricultural product manufacturer in Shandong have been commissioned.

The Division is a national high-tech enterprise integrating the research and development, production, sales and technical services of new fertilizers. Its business covers the whole country and Japan, the United States, Indonesia, Taiwan and other countries and regions. The Division is centered on technological innovation. It has five national and ministry establishments including the National Enterprise Technology Center, the National Postdoctoral Research Station, the National Engineering Laboratory for Efficient Utilization of Soil and Fertilizer Resources, the Key Laboratory of Humic Acid Fertilizers of the Ministry of Agriculture, and the National Agrochemical Service Center. Level scientific research platform, and was identified as the leading brand of humic acid fertilizer in China by China Humic Acid Industry Association.

The order of the continuous disc dryer is suitable for the drying of potassium sulfate, the diameter of the large disc is 3000mm, the diameter of the small disc is 2700mm, a total of 17 layers of discs, 8 sets of large and small discs, a total height of 6500mm, effective heat exchange area Reached 101.8 square meters. Materials with a moisture content of 6% can be dried to 1%, and the output per hour is 4000Kg.

Characteristically, manufacturers in the same industry still use the original pressed scraper. The horizontal upper edge of the blade is easy to accumulate material. The blade surface is directly bent. The weight of the scraper blade is too light, which results in a lot of residual material on the disc surface, especially for dense materials. More difficult to scrape. And our company's scraper has been improved many times. It is made of thick steel plate and welded by hand. The vertical plate is perforated and looped on the rake arm to make it more flexible. The two steel plates are supported in the middle, and the arc of the blade surface transitions to a high degree of consistency with the disk surface, thereby solving the problem of disk area material and avoiding accumulation of material.

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