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Anhui Red Sifang Co., Ltd. ordered our company's "sodium formate drying production line"

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Recently, Jiangsu Jianda Drying and Zhongyan Anhui Red Sifang Co., Ltd. have successfully signed a "Sodium Formate Drying Production Line" with an annual output of 30,000 tons.

Zhongyan Anhui Hongsifang Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Salt Industry Group Co., Ltd., which has initially formed a series of industrial layouts such as coal chemical industry, salt chemical industry, fine chemical industry, new energy, and new building materials, and has become a comprehensive national large-scale chemical industry. Enterprises; the company has national technology centers, provincial technology centers, China Salt and Salt Chemical Technology Center, post-doctoral scientific research workstations, is a high-tech enterprise, the third batch of provincial intellectual property advantage enterprise cultivation engineering units, Anhui innovative pilot enterprises, Anhui Provincial demonstration enterprise of joint production, study and research, and outstanding enterprises of quality management activities in Anhui Province, the first batch of the country to pass the "two integration" management system certification.

The complete set of equipment includes a drying host, a cooling host, an exhaust gas treatment system, and a control system. The drying host and the cooling host are used in series. In this set of equipment, the specially designed shaft and spiral coil of our company optimize the mixing of the product on the entire heat exchange surface and have heating / cooling functions, which greatly improves the heat exchange efficiency. The production process uses welding-heating stress relief-spindle finishing to ensure the accuracy of the spindle while reducing the impact of thermal stress on the accuracy, and pressure test to prevent leakage. An emptying port is provided at the bottom of the device, which is convenient for discharging the materials inside the device when the machine is shut down. The overall support structure is used for easy transportation and installation. External insulation treatment of the dryer barrel reduces heat loss.

Jiangsu Jianda Drying Co., Ltd. is a large-scale domestic manufacturer of drying equipment and has gained a good reputation in the chemical industry. The paddle dryer, as one of our key products in recent years, has always been at the forefront of the industry in terms of technology and quality.

The following are photos of the delivery site:

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